Etla Hiking and Mountain Biking

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Project Description

Etla valley is one of the three valleys that make up the Valles Centrals (where Oaxaca City is). San Agustin Etla is one of the most famous towns in Etla and lies about 30-45 minutes (via car) NE of Oaxaca City.

San Agustin Etla is famous for its large museum Centro de las Artes San Agustín Etla (founded by famous Mexican painter Francisco Toledo).  The town rests against the foothills of the Sierra Norte and has a variety of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Get There

There are collectivo taxis that leave to San Agustin Etla from the Central De Taxis Foraneos, which is near the second class bus station.

Should you happen to need a bilingual guide (and/or help with transportation/logistics), Coyote Aventuras is who we recommend going with.