Hierve El Agua

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Project Description

Hierve El Agua is a rock formation and petrified waterfall. It is one of Oaxaca’s most popular destinations. This spot has become much more crowded over the last couple of years but is still a fun spot to swim and take it the view of the mountains and valley below. There is also a short hiking trail nearby.

Get There

Hierve El Agua is easy to get to from Oaxaca City. From the baseball stadium near Oaxaca Centro, take a collectivo to Mitla. From Mitla, there are frequently pick up trucks that go up to Hierve El Agua.

Should you happen to need a bilingual guide (and/or help with transportation/logistics), Coyote Aventuras is who we recommend going with.

You can also hire a taxi from Mitla and have them take you to the springs. On the way to the springs, there are a number of Mezcal distilleries (Palenques) that you can stop by and they’ll show you how Mezcal is made.