Los Pueblos Mancomunados Ecotourism Area

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Project Description

Los Pueblos Mancomunados are a 400,000 hectare community-run ecotourism reserve located in the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca State. The reserve is made up of seven villages: Amatlán, Benito Juárez, Latuvi, Cuajimoloyas, La Nevería, Llano Grande and Yavesía (Lachatao still participates informally but left the collective in 2007). These towns are connected primarily via gravel roads and hiking trails and sit at an elevation of between 7,000 – 10000+ ft (2133m-3048m).

Should you happen to need a bilingual guide (and/or help with transportation/logistics), Coyote Aventuras is who we recommend going with.

There are a wide variety of outdoor activities you can do there including hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, bird watching, and horseback riding, and more. The park offers local guides who will explain the history and biology of the different forests and make sure you get around easily. The guides are generally not bilingual but will often know some English words.

Sprinkled throughout the reserve are cabins to stay in (which are very clean and comfy) and small restaurants where you can eat hearty Mexican food like beans, rice, Tlayudas, trout, and tostadas.

Approximate Costs: The park costs 60 pesos per person to enter. This money is distributed in the community and goes towards funding many community improvements. The cabins generally cost around ~240 per person each (depending on the size of cabin you book). One of the guides or residents will light a fire for you and supply you with a great supply of firewood for roughly 60 pesos.

If you’d like to do a bit of hiking/exploring near Oaxaca City, sit around a fire in a cozy cabin, or just get some forest time in, this is your place. Bring hiking shoes, a book, a hammock, and warm clothes (temps can get down into high 30s F (or 2-6C) at night).

Get There

The busses and vans that go the Cuajimoloyas, Llano Grande, and Benito Juarez leave from the second-class bus station oaxacaAutotransportes Benito Juárez is one company with service to the sierra norte (including Los Pueblos Mancomunados). It’s also possible to catch transport up into the Sierra Norte from Tlacolula (which has an enormous market that’s worth checking out)

Learn More

Official site for the Pueblos Mancomunados

This is the go-to site for booking the cabins and guides.

Coyote Aventuras

Coyote Aventuras is tour company that can setup all the gear, housing, and transportation logistics for you. (disclaimer: they are friends of OaxacaExplorer).

Spud on the Run travel blogger’s write up on the various hikes

2016 Academic study of Los Pueblos Comunados to understand their effects in terms of poverty reduction, reduction of ecological impact, and community solidarity (in Spanish)

If you’d like to get a bit of a deeper understanding of this place, its history, and the effects of this ecotourism model.