Pluma Hidalgo

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Project Description

Pluma Hidalgo is a town in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, located between San Jose del Pacifico and Pochutla (near the coast). Pluma Hidalgo along with nearby Candalaria are some of the most important coffee/cacao growing regions of Oaxaca.

Pluma Hidalgo would make a great stopover spot to break up the trip between Oaxaca and the coast and would be fascinating for anyone looking to learn more about coffee or cacao (and see how it is grown).

Learn More

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Biodiversity Conservation in Traditional Coffee Systems of Mexico

Academic paper exploring shade grown coffee and its effect on biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Long essay exploring the positive effects of shade grown coffees on bird populations.

Get There

Pluma Hidalgo is on the path between San Jose Del Pacifico and Pochutla. You can ask to be let off there (and thus, pay less for your ticket) and the vans will often stop there for quick food break.

Thanks to Allison Shiman for letting me use her photos for this page.