How-to Take Public Transportation Into the Mountains of Oaxaca

If you’re like most Oaxaca travelers, you’re probably here without a car. Lucky for you, it’s completely possible to access most parts of Oaxaca State using busses, taxis, vans, pickups, and other forms of colectivos. This article will try to simplify the process of catching public transportation to explore several parts of Oaxaca.

Getting to Los Pueblos Mancomunados

The busses and vans that go the Cuajimoloyas, Llano Grande, and Benito Juarez leave from the second-class bus station near downtown Oaxaca. Autotransportes Benito Juárez is one company with service to the Sierra Norte (including Los Pueblos Mancomunados). It’s also possible to catch transport up into the Sierra Norte from Tlacolula (which has an enormous market that’s worth checking out).

Getting to Santiago Apoala

Apoala is difficult to get to but absolutely worth the hassle. You’ll first need to take a van (with Transportes Turisticos Nochixtlán S.A. de C.V.) to a town called Nochixtlán. From there, a ‘comunitario’ van will leave at midday (one per day) to get you to Apoala.

Getting to San Agustin Etla

There are colectivo taxis that leave to San Agustin Etla from the Central De Taxis Foraneos, which is near the second class bus station.

Getting to Teotitlan del Valle, Mitla, Tlacolula, Huayapam, and Hierve El Agua

This arm of the Oaxaca central valleys is easily accessed via colectivos and busses from either the second class bus station or the bus stop area near the baseball stadium. This is one of the most popular routes in all of the Oaxaca valley with busses leaving every 15-30 minutes during the day. From Mitla, you can catch a pickup truck to Hierve El Agua. Given that dozens of people do this trip everyday, many locals will be able to help you should you get confused/lost.

Getting to La Cumbre Ixtepeji

La Cumbre Ixtepeji can be accessed via public transit from either the second class bus station or alongside the road near Monumento Benito Juarez. There will be busses and colectivo taxis regularly making the trip from there up to La Cumbre and Ixtlan. Just make sure to let the driver know where you need to get off. Mountain bikes can sometimes be strapped onto the roof but this will depend on the driver and how full the bus is.

Getting to San Pablo Cuatro Venados

You can catch a colectivo (ask for la linea de autobuses Teotzapotlan) to San Pablo Cuatro Venados from the second class bus station. One bus leaves at 3pm to Buenavista and the last one leaves at 4:30 toward San Mateo Tapanatepec. Ask the driver to be dropped off at San Pablo Cuatro Venados.

Getting to San Sebastian de las Grutas

Busses to San Sebastian de las Grutas leave from the corner of Mier y Teran and Mina. The bus line is called San Pedro el Alto and these busses go from 4am to 6pm. It takes about 2 hours to get to the town, where you can stay in their comfy cabins.

Getting to the coast Pochutla, Mazunte, and San Jose Del Pacifico

These Oaxaca coastal destinations are firmly on the gringo/traveler trail, so getting there is pretty straightforward. The vans that go to the coast are located a couple block south of the Zocalo (Eclipse 70 is a good option).

San Jose del Pacifico and Pluma de Hidalgo can also be accessed along this route as well. Just mention where you want to be let off when you buy your ticket and to the driver when you board, so they know they let you off at the right spot.

Updated January 2019

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